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Boomstick! Left hander Vespa 200cc+


Here it is, the Piston Ported Boomstick! left side exit exhaust.

A very high quality expansion chamber system that is hand crafted from mild steel and clear lacquered so you can admire the welds and quality.

Expect big gains in the mid to upper rpm range over a stock exhaust system and that great 2 stroke sound that you can only get from an expansion chamber.

A great pipe for stock or tuned Vespas that won't disappoint. You also can still retain your spare when using this exhaust system.

Exits on the left side because it looks badass hanging out there, why else?

**Please note, the canister is no longer polished stainless as they previously were. They are now lacquered mild steel as the rest of the exhaust as it looks tough as nuts.