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Piston Ported proudly sponsors scooter events all over the country. If you've got an event you would like sponsored, please first read the necessary criteria before making a request. If you meet the criteria, feel free to fill out the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If not, I apologize for not sponsoring your event and wish you luck in your endeavor.

-Is your event vintage scooter centric? This is extremely important so please read on as to what qualifies as being vintage-centric.
-Does your club or sponsoring clubs primarily own and operate vintage Vespas and Lambrettas?
-Is the audience you are hoping to attract consist primarily of vintage scooters/scooterists?

You want to throw a rally and invite tng's and vintage, good for you. You are an open-minded person and I'm sure your friends appreciate that. Here's the problem, I don't sell modern scooter parts nor do I ever intend to. I will sponsor a co-mingled rally but it NEEDS to have a vintage focus. Think of it like trying to promote milk at a lactose-intolerant convention. It just doesn't work. Sure they're might be a few milk drinkers in the herd, but the focus is on lactose-intolerance. Your co-mingled rally has no identifiable target market.

So before you contact Piston Ported for any rally sponsorship, take a second and identify your target market. If your target market is "scooterists", that's too broad of a category for Piston Ported to be an effective contributor to your event. I'm sure there are plenty of shops selling modern scooter parts that would be a much better fit to you. Thanks!

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